3 Reminders for Allowing Your Outfit to Fit Your Intentions

Setting intentions for your practice is a core value for most yoga practitioners, no matter how serious you are about your time on the mat. Intentions are deeply personal, ranging from simply sticking with your practice to learning to practice flexibility both on and off the mat. Our intentions have large implications for how we live throughout the day, not just during our workout time.

Selecting the appropriate outfit for your practice can definitely fit in with your intentions if you keep a few things in mind.

1. Set your intention for the day before you even get ready.

Your outfit won’t be compatible with your intentions if you get dressed before you even set one. Remember to start your day off right by setting an intention as you roll out of bed. Do you already know what you’re going to work on during your practice? If not, you can set a general intention for your day, a kind of moving meditation to keep your mind focused on yogic principles as you go about day-to-day activities.

2. All intentions (and outfits) should be non-harming and truthful to yourself.

Yogic tradition, according to Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras, dictates that intentions should be non-harming (ahimsa) and truthful (satya). Your intention for your practice should follow these principles and so should your outfit. Each piece that you put on should fit you perfectly, allowing you the physical flexibility to move and breathe freely. Without these two core items, it will be very difficult for you to maintain a steady yoga practice and to focus on the important tasks on your to-do list for the day.

Similarly, your yoga outfit should be truthful to your deepest sense of self. Whether that means that it features bright colors, bold patterns, or earth-toned hues, you should select individual pieces that mirror your personality, aura, and character. This is one way to make your inside match your outside, in a manner of speaking.

3. Your intentions are meant to be cultivated throughout your life.

Your intentions aren’t meant to stick to just your time on the mat. Instead, they should extend well beyond an hour-long class at your local yoga studio. They should be the lens through which you live the rest of your life and interact with others. This is why it is so crucial for your intention to be both non-harming and truthful.

Because your intentions are meant to extend past your mat, your outfit is a huge part of this idea. If your focus is on an intention such as compassion, practice compassion toward yourself by dressing in an outfit that demonstrates kindness toward every part of your body. Surround yourself with items in your wardrobe that you are grateful for, that bring you peace or joy. Your long-term intentions should have a clear reflection and symbolic interpretation that you can apply to your outfits on a daily basis.

By keeping attention on your intention, you can better focus on what needs to be accomplished throughout your day. Allow your outfit to be a tangible reminder of that intention with these three tips for helping your outfit and your intention to align.

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