Are You Man Enough For Broga?

Simply put, Broga is yoga for bros. However, it is not exclusively for men. Most studios offering Broga also accept women in their classes. But what is the difference between Broga and traditional yoga?

According to founder Matt Miller, Broga is just like yoga but from a male’s point of view. It involves healthy and functional movements. The regular yoga poses are taken up a notch or two, and there are times when they don’t look like yoga at all. Even the names of the postures were changed. Child’s pose became chill-out pose, and wild thing was renamed rock star.

Broga focuses on strength. However, anyone can try it even if they don’t have any experience with yoga or physical training. Miller made Broga to show men that yoga is not just for women. It can also be used to improve physical attributes, and at the same time helps people become better athletes and prevent sporting injuries.

Why Broga

Because of social conditioning, men often dismiss yoga as for girls. Men appear less likely to enjoy the dance, meditation, and other disciplines involved with yoga. That is the reason why founder Matt Miller came up with a system that men more likely to enjoy. And that’s how Broga came to be. It doesn’t make men recite mantras or carry out meditations. While it is designed predominantly for men, there are women who find Broga to be more enjoyable than traditional yoga classes.

Getting Started

Broga sessions start with stretching and breathing exercises. The instructor will ensure that the spine is warmed up before the actual exercises. A session focuses on an area of the body. There are sessions for the back and twists, chest and shoulders, inversions, and hips and legs.

Each session is around an hour long and covers various poses that target the specific area of the day. Instructors of Broga are more instructive compared to yogis. They are hands-on to each and every participant of the session. They make sure that each individual in the class do the poses the right way.

Benefits of Broga

When done right, Broga can improve athletic performance. It allows you to work on specific muscles, and at the same time avoid the one’s not needed for their sport or other activities. It boosts strength, concentration, endurance, stamina, and flexibility.

Broga can also help prevent injuries while working out. There’s a lower chance of getting injured while practicing Broga compared to other workouts, such as crossfit. Yoga works on various parts of the body without putting a lot of stress on them.

Lastly, Broga can help reduce depression as it promotes a healthy mind. Practicing Broga on a regular basis can help lower the effects of depression, encouraging a positive outlook, and improve your way of thinking.

Broga is a style of yoga that you should try. It allows you to work on both your mental and physical health simultaneously. Those who want to stay in shape should consider looking for Broga classes today.

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